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A new precision thermometer is now available at affordable price. The device is useful in metrology, physical and chemical research laboratories, helps to investigate heat transfer processes.
The RFS 5001A capacitor charger is a high efficient device capable of charging high voltage capacitors to demanded voltage.
RFS5005A is a development platform for Electrical Impedance Tomography systems. It allows to use single RCL bridge or Impedance analyzer and switch its terminals between up to 16 electrodes. The...
RFS114A voltage multiplier
Small size vacuum potted high voltage multiplier now available. Positive or negative output voltage polarity options. Maximum output voltage 9kV.
The RFS101A standard capacitors are applicable in testing low capacitance measuring circuits in femtofarad range. LATEST NEWS: A new version marked as RFS 101B is available. It has a feature of +/-3...