Tektronix 7704A voltage multiplier DIY replacement

TEK 7704A HV multiplier

Some of theTEK 7000 series scopes use 21kV CRT high voltage to achieve high beam intensity.
During years of exploatation HV part become defect- prone.
The simple project contains PCB of 21kV voltage multiplier (similar to TEK 152-0493-00).
The components should have parameters:
Capacitors: 470pF...2,2nF /4kV
Diodes: Irms>50mA RMS; Vr>4kV; trr<100ns
The module must be well cleaned, dried in warm air, potted in urethane, silicone or epoxy.
Use well insulated HVcable.
It's better not to joke with 21kV.