Femtofarad standard capacitor type RFS 101C

RFS101C single capacitor

The RFS101C standard capacitors are applicable in testing low capacitance measuring circuits in femtofarad range. The standards are sold in sets of 5 units which have nominal values:

10.0pF 200V 1%; 1.00pF 200V 1%; 100fF 200V 1%; 10.0fF 200V 1%; 1.00fF 200V 3%

BNC connectors are used.

Each set comes with internal calibration certificate. Some clients ask about the price of accredited calibration. The price of such certificate is comparable to the price of the full set of RFS101C standards. For individual pricing please use our contact form.

Low value of temperature coefficient of capacitance changes and good long term stability allow to estimate the accuracy of the measurement, noise level, stability of the meter with changing environmental conditions. Due to good quality / price balance we have many repeat orders from our clients.