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My version of ESI shorting bars to be used with ESI SR1010 resistance transfer standard and parallel compensating network.
Article describing my old design: femtoampere test source. New, better solution- soon!
Short repair report of Tektronix 7603. Created few years ago...
In this directory, Iwill place memory dumps from various test gear which I own. These dumps might help someone who is attempting to repair test equipment.
A simple hint for biasing inputs of ECG amplifier. I'm not an author of it. It comes from some scientific paper.
The document contains photos, some basic tests of the equipment offered on Ebay.
Keithley 610C
A manual of an great and simple electrometer. Enjoy reading.
Triple fluxgate magnetic sensor - a part of avionics used on some USSR aircraft. Test condition: Excitation 1kHz; 8V RMS ; 0,4A RMS  ; output signal ca. 1Vpp....
Y5V properties
The simple VCO design is based on properties of Y5V capacitor dielectric material. Transistors T1 and T2 form emiter coupled oscillator. The paralell LC network sets the oscillation frequency.
Tektronix 485 oscilloscope
An article describing the process of bringing back to life an old TEK 485 oscilloscope. Enjoy reading.